UTG abstract submission

Please note the following:
1. During the course of this application you will be asked to upload a correctly formatted version of your abstract (in Microsoft Word format)
2. You will also be asked to copy and paste the text of your abstract into the electronic application
3. Please make sure you have all the necessary information available, as you will not be able to save your application to complete later
4. Incomplete or incorrect applications will be rejected and you will need to start your application again

The UTG session is very popular with an increasing number of StRs wishing to present their research in this manner. Therefore, all abstracts will be subjected to the following acceptance criteria:

Basic quality of research
- Was the method appropriate to the investigation? 
- Was the method appropriate to the aims of the study? 
- Was best use made of materials/subjects available? 
- Were any limitations forced or self-imposed due to poor design/lack of effort/awareness?



Clinical science value
What is the clinical relevance of the study?

Basic science value
- What is the theoretical or basic science background of the study?

Degree of difficulty 
- Does it seem as if the individual produced excellent outcomes for a difficult subject?

Quality of the abstract 
- Includes aspects such as clarity, English, completeness 
- Is the abstract of sufficient quality to be published in the Journal of Orthodontics?
- The same criteria, together with an assessment of the overall quality of the presentation, will be used for the judging process.


It is important that you read and follow carefully the abstract preparation information below (see sample abstract below).

1. The font must be Arial 12-point. NO other font will be accepted due to the direct reproduction process.

2. The size of the box MUST NOT BE CHANGED.

3. Proof read your abstract carefully. If you include tables, charts, and/or columns in the abstract, the font size must remain the same for all information.

4. The title of abstract, author names and affiliations should be placed in the top space and formatted as follows:
• Limit your title to 10 or fewer words. The title should indicate the content of the abstract in a concise manner.
• Starting after the title, list each author’s name in CAPITAL letters. The name should include first and middle initials, since the index will be based on this information.
• Indicate the presenting author using an asterisk (*) placed after the name of the presenting author.
• The name(s) of the institution(s) must follow the last author’s name and should be enclosed in parentheses. Addresses may be abbreviated.
• Maximum word count for abstract is 250 words.

5. The text of the abstract should be structured in the main space as follows:
• Objective/s
• Design
• Setting
• Subjects/Materials and Methods
• Results (including data and, where appropriate, relevant statistics)
• Conclusions (underlined)
• Name of supporting agency and grant number (if any)

6. Submit the abstract on the FORM provided. If the abstract does not conform to the formatting indicated by the guidelines above and as demonstrated by the sample abstracts, IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR PRESENTATION.

7. Please complete the on-line registration and uploading of the completed abstract by 5pm on Monday 23rd May 2016. You will be notified of the outcome by Monday 30th May 2016 and if successful, further details on the presentation with be supplied nearer the time. If you are not accepted to present at the UTG session, then your abstract will be automatically put forward for the poster presentations.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Dr Norah Flannigan:  N.L.Flannigan@liverpool.ac.uk