The Research Directorate will have overall responsibility for:

  • The Society’s research initiatives and will chair the Research committee
  • The current work of the Scholarship and Grants Committee which supervises and administers all scholarships, prizes and academic awards and all research grants offered by the Society. It is also responsible for raising funds to support such grants and awards, primarily through the British Orthodontic Society Foundation which promotes improved patient care by raising funds – principally from Society members - to supporting the highest standards of research and teaching in orthodontics.
  • The development of an initiative at a national or international level to coordinate orthodontic research and to seek collaborative funding from outside bodies including the Royal Colleges and Industry. The Director will also advise the Society on the optimal use of its overall financial resources to achieve high quality research in the UK. The Society’s principal research focus at the present time is that of evidence based orthodontic care and the health benefits of of treatment.

Director of Research

Professor Philip Benson