Poster Presentations at BOC 2014

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Congratulations on being selected to present a poster at the BOC, Edinburgh 2014. Please
note the following instructions on poster production and the criteria for the marking of the

1. There will be two prizes, which are both sponsored by Ormco. The presenter of the best
research project poster and the presenter of the best audit project poster will each receive
a prize of £400.

2. Acceptance of an abstract carries the obligation to present at the BOC. Failure to do so
will result in you not being allowed to submit a poster abstract for the following year’s
BOC. Please note that you must be registered for the conference by the time of submitting
the poster.

3. You may use your own Institution’s poster template, or the one emailed, but the poster must
be presented in PORTRAIT format at a size of 89cm wide x 127cm high (the size can be set
under Page Set-up on the File menu tab).

4. Please use the highest resolution of imagery available at all times, regardless of file size –
instructions have been provided on producing high resolution images. It is essential that you
do not have images and text too close to the edge of the poster, as they may be cut-off during
the printing process – please ensure that you have a margin of at least 5mm.

5. A photograph of the presenting author must be visible in the top right-hand corner of the
poster: this must be a maximum size of 8cm wide x 10cm high.

6. The final poster should be in high resolution PDF format and in the specified size. The
website address for uploading the posters will be sent to you in the near future. Please note
that there is no opportunity to re-format your poster once the final PDF is submitted. The
deadline for poster submission is Friday 25th July 2014.

7. The posters will be printed for you and taken to Edinburgh. They will be placed on the
poster boards for you, however, the main author presenting the poster MUST be in
attendance on Thursday 18th September 2014 between 12.45 and 2pm for delegate

8. Poster demonstrations must be in place for the full duration of the BOC (from 2pm Thursday
18th September until 4pm on Saturday 20th September 2014). If you are unable to stay until
4pm on Saturday 20th September, please arrange for a colleague to bring your poster home.
Poster tubes will be available at the registration desk.

9. All accepted poster abstracts will be included in the Conference Programme.

The same criteria used for shortlisting the abstracts, together with an assessment of the
overall quality of the presentation, will be used for the judging of the posters.
Criteria for research poster presentations

• Originality of research
• Clear aims and hypotheses
• Appropriate methodology used
• Sample size justified and suitably obtained
• Appropriate statistical methods used
• Outcome measurements accurate, valid and reliable
• Data adequately described and all important findings highlighted
• Appropriate conclusions drawn in relation to the aims and results
Criteria for audit poster presentations
• Audit of clinical relevance
• Audit aims and gold standard clearly stated
• Methodology is appropriate for the stated aims
• Outcome measurements accurate, valid and reliable
• Appropriate statistical methods
• Data adequately described and all important findings highlighted
• Appropriate conclusions drawn in relation to the aims and results
• Details of how clinical practice will be improved as a result